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You my gentle stranger

Lust bubbles with rangers

Seek to him and find

No other than his kind

He lives for you and i

Humble, as he must try

Love him deeply

Never strike just keeps in me

Touch me again

Exactly while I surrounds

Keep me wise

As you rise

A scholar you swallow

An idea never hollow

Can you guess what I must confess?

I am the one in the end got the best

Retrieve the truth

Keep your youth

Timid and special

Vulnerable wrestles

I will retire now

RSVP awaits now

Sexy even perfect

Once deciding to surface

Take me I am

Always I must count to 10

Why so quiet to fee’

Trust me I am real

Jibber jabbers love you so much

No baby here holds a crutch

If I wish upon a star

I’d make you stay how you ate

Trivial insects

To love not reject

Mother marry

Fragile as a canary

Lets run away, everyone else can stay